INTRODUCTION Day by day web design is becoming one of the commonest services. It has always offer entrepreneur and also merchants with various business opportunities. The fact that many large and small businesses have risen up around the world to offer web design service has made it the survival of the fittest. Also, this day’s users want to view their desired content as fast as possible. Users tend to turn away if a web design takes more than the time they expect. For web designers to meet the needs of users there are a lot of web design and developer tools to use. Selecting the best tools would improve your experience as a designer and also saves effort and time. This article will show you the 5 tools you should be using. THE TOOLS

  1. Adobe edge reflow

In web design, it is one of the latest tools. It is a program that helps in implementing responsive web design. It makes available a design format that makes a site friendly on any device.

  1. Pixlr

This is more or less like Adobe Photoshop. It is can be used by designers with limited needs for editing. One of the features, why it can be used instead of Photoshop, is its ability to open PDS file and simultaneously retain the original layer. Licensing is free and it is simple to use

  1. Adobe Photoshop

It is known as the most powerful image editor in the world. It is easy to learn and use. For many web designers, it fits well to their needs.

  1. Webydo

If you wish to develop a website that does not require coding or code that are hand written, this might be the best option. With it, you can make use of existing layout and also make a pixel perfect responsive web design.

  1. Notepad ++

It is a tool that allows editing of full-featured text. Various languages are automatically detected and it also highlights them in colors. Simultaneously, it recognizes functions, variables, along with other syntax elements that are well known. Finally, this is just our picks. We would like to hear what your favorite tools are. You can make use of the comment box.