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We use WordPress (now in version 6.1.1) because it's a great tool for creating and managing websites. WordPress was originally released as a blogging platform back in 2003, and it has evolved into a multi-purpose content management system (CMS) with tens of thousands of themes and plugins.

WordPress continues to grow and so does its user base. In fact, two out of every five websites on the internet use WordPress. 

You have several options to choose from. We also offer custom made websites to fit your company's needs. To get a free quote, please contact us. 

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The Most updated version

WordPress Version 6.1

By regularly updating your site to the latest WordPress version, and using themes and plugins that you trust, you can greatly minimize security risks.

to get your website up and running you need THE FOLLOWING:

Domain registration, hosting service, SSL certificate, and a reliable maintenance service 

Domain Registration

Is the process of registering a domain name, which identifies one or more IP addresses with a name that is easier to remember and use in URLs to identify particular Web pages. The person or business that registers the domain name is called the domain name registrant. The cost of the domain registration is $21.18/year. Includes ICANN (the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) charges, a mandatory annual fee of $0.18 for each year of domain registration, renewal or transfer.

Hosting Services

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.  Websites are hosted, or stored on special computers called servers.

The cost of shared hosting services is $20/month (it must be paid via automatic monthly deductions from a credit/debit card), or you may pay $204 in advance, which saves you $36 a year.  It’s your call.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), also called a Digital Certificate, creates a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser. By ensuring that all data passed between the two remains private and secure, SSL encryption prevents hackers from stealing private information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, names, addresses, usernames and passwords. Organizations must use an SSL certificate to secure their site if they wish to take online payments or expect their visitors to submit confidential information. Besides building trust and security into your website, SSL certificates also help with SEO efforts now that Google is providing a rankings boost for pages that are served over https (“S” stands for security) instead of the usual http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Our rate is $54/ year, plus $25 for installation.

Maintenance Service

Should I update WordPress to the latest version?  With each new version, developers correct errors and security weaknesses. So, by not updating WordPress … You put your website at risk!  How often should I update?  It is recommended to update WordPress, themes and plugins at least once a month. This ensures that they will be compatible with each other, which also prevents hackers from entering your site and loading malware. If you don’t update WordPress, it will end up being hacked. Anyone who has gone through this situation will tell you that it is not a pleasant one.
Sometimes, after running the updates, things may not work as before. This is when our WordPress experts come to your rescue and for just $30/mo. it’s a great deal to avoid security problems and have peace of mind. Pay one year in advance and save $60.

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Why Do Businesses Need a Website?  Because websites work!  No matter what your business or profession is, a website can generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver a strong marketing message, whether your business is small, large or in-between.