INTRODUCTION Are you seated on the fence thinking whether to go on the social media marketing pathway or not? This is not a debate as there are a lot of benefits when you invest in social media marketing. It has become a global tool that connects businesses with users. With the number of social media users increasing every day, most of your customers or intended customers are online searching for answers to their questions and waiting to be educated. Listening and responding to them calls for your presence online. If you are not ready, your competitors are. In this article, we will show you the various reasons why we love social media and why you should not hesitate too. THE REASONS IT BUILD GOOD RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOUR BUSINESS AND CUSTOMERS When a real relationship is built between you and users through social media you stand to gain a lot of customers. They will trust your brand more and your reputation will be increased. IT HELP YOU STAY CONNECTED WITH THE GLOBAL WORLD Through social media you can acquire customers from any part of the world and also stay connected with them. This, in turn, makes your business global and recognized around the world. IT ALLOWS QUICK RESPONSE TO CUSTOMERS You can stay engaged with your customers 24/7. Retweet when they tweet, reply when they comment and say thank you when the share or like. All these will help push your brand up and even customer’s trust will be elevated. IT INCREASES TRAFFIC GENERATION Social media can bring more customers to your site. Don’t forget that the larger percentage of online users is hooked on social media. What you need to do is to advertise your brand on various social media platform and you would see customers trooping in. IT IS AFFORDABLE FOR ANY SIZE OF BUSINESS You don’t have to spend a lot of cash before you can invest in social media and promote your brand. In fact, the person with the lowest budget can also benefit from it. All you need is just a computer and connection and you are on your way. FINAL WORDS In a nutshell, above are just the reasons why we love social media. Creating a lasting impact on your customers can help you develop your brand. Remember, social media is here to stay. So understand it, embrace it and invest in it.