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Social Media is an electronic communication where users create online communities to share information, ideas, messages, photos, videos and other content to promotion purposes.

The ability to share photos, opinions, events, etc. in real-time has transformed the way we live and, the way we do business. Retailers who use social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy usually see measurable results.  The key to successful social media is to treat it with the same care, respect, and attention you do all of your marketing efforts.

Since it’s becoming difficult to keep up with social media definitions that seem to emerge every month. Hootsuite has created a comprehensive glossary of social media terms, which provide definitions for the most important social media terms to help you navigate social media platforms.

social media in 2023 and beyond

Social Media is Changing Everything

Facebook is by far the largest social platform on the planet, with 2.9 billion monthly active users. It’s followed by YouTube, which although it is about videos and music, is also generally considered a social network of sorts. YouTube has 2.5 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook, has 2 billion users, and Facebook Messenger has about a billion monthly active users and are part of the biggest social media platforms.

While social media is generally accepted, the fact that people don’t question its value is all the more reason to think about exactly what its value is.  Social media marketing is far more than an online popularity contest, and the better business owners understand that, the better they can use it for their companies.

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facebook is, by far…

The Most Targeted Form of Advertising

By now, most of us know that Facebook provides a great ROI (Return On Investment). However, there’s still the important task of planning and executing an effective advertising campaign. Although you may be comfortable using Facebook, building successful advertising campaigns is a completely different animal. Most businesses get themselves into trouble by underestimating the platform and then overspending to get results. Facebook Ads are the most sophisticated advertising platform available right now. Just because it’s accessible, doesn’t mean it’s easy to use…properly.

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social media gets better results for a lot less money

Why Social Media is the Least Expensive form of Advertising 

Advertising Cost “In Dollars” to Reach 1,000 People (CPM)

Direct Mail

$57 CPM

Broadcast TV

$28 CPM


$16 CPM


$10 CPM


$5 CPM

Social Media

$2.50 CPM


“make sure you’re ready to respond to inquiries asap”

Facebook ads really work. We ran an ad campaign for 2 months, and it brought over 100 leads! We ended up having to stop running the ads because we couldn’t handle that many customers.
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media comparison

Social Media vs. Traditional media


vs. Facebook

It takes a significant investment of time and money to plan, produce, and distribute TV commercials. 



vs. Facebook

Print charges for their estimated reach and readership. Facebook charges for only those see or click your ad.



vs. Facebook

The sudden disappearance of commutes is a problem for the already-troubled radio sector.


vs. Facebook

It should come as no surprise but more and more people are using technology than ever before.

Facebook Statistics for 2023. Click below to read about it

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