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We provide cutting-edge solutions to help you get found online.

We are creative and passionate internet marketers, dedicated to helping local businesses succeed online.
The cutting-edge solutions we provide, include responsive web design, hosting services, Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) claiming,  verification and optimization services, Facebook posts, social media marketing, “On-Page” SEO (search engine optimization,) video marketing, content marketing, trade show products, branding and corporate image, including logo design, and an array of printing services to help you promote your business while increasing your revenues.

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Our Story

“We Started our Company to Help Local Businesses Succeed Online”

Back in the mid ’80s, after creating and managing the Vega Hispanic Yellow Pages in the nation’s capital, we went on to become the number one publication of its kind in the US for five years running with more than 1,600 satisfied advertisers. Twenty years later, we were approached by a group of investors from Boston, and our family-owned business was bought out.

During the early 2000’s Google became the yellow pages nightmare as they gradually replaced the 100+-year old industry of printed yellow pages, and became the almighty search engine that it is today, enjoying a whopping 99,000 searches per second.  

We knew that traditional advertising would not be the same, and we had to quickly embrace the digital space.  Ten years ago, a cool website and advertising online in a couple websites were good enough to have a decent digital presence. However, having a digital presence today involves having a strong social media presence and plenty of positive reviews across a few websites.

It is very likely that a strong digital presence will look completely different ten years from now.

local digital works team

Meet the Team

francisco vega, jr.

President & CEO

Founded Vega & Associates, publishers of the Hispanic Yellow Pages in the Washington DC metro area, maintaining a leadership position in the industry for two decades. The family-owned company was sold in 2004. As an industry expert he has consulted throughout the U.S. and abroad, advising publishers on their Hispanic market outreach.

He founded the Francisco Vega Agency and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County in Maryland.

daniella boyso

Social Media Marketing

Daniella is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring our client’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve their marketing efforts and most importantly, increase their annual revenues.

Her expertise is in the Facebook platform, she has ample experience running the Facebook ad platform and enjoys developing and executing advertising campaigns, she is very detail oriented, analytical, and comfortable presenting recommendations to our clients.

juan vega

Business Development

Juan was the acting COO at Vega & Associates from 1985 to 2004, when the company was acquired by a group of investors from Boston. He spearheaded the R&D for Vega & Associates, as well as business development. In 1995, he was responsible for introducing “Voz Directa,” the “Talking Yellow Pages.”

He is the CMO for Day 1 Solutions, an emerging industry leader representing the new “Cloud Solutions Provider” model. Juan is currently in Local Digital Works’ Board of Advisors.  

local digital works • Onboarding Process

This is How We Get Started

When we talk to new clients, we ask them to rate their own digital capabilities, and many of them are at an early stage of adopting digital marketing techniques. What we tell our clients is that they have to make the commitment to transform their traditional marketing by setting goals for digital marketing.

New marketing processes are needed and we understand that the transformation into digital is not going to happen overnight, but in order to get from point A to point B, you must take that first step, preferably during 2023.  Chances are, your competitors are already going digital. So, don’t wait any longer and let’s get started today.

Our Agency Delivers

Let us streamline your digital marketing into an effective campaign that delivers results and a return on your investment.